Le dictionnaire des rébus – English version


300 rébus, 190 images, 65 pages.

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completes the RÉBUSTORY game, they are:

300 rebus
190 images
30 riddles
2 maxi rebus grids
65 pages
dimension: 22.50 x 21.30 (dimensions may vary depending on the printer)
The rebus dictionary presents the most commonly used words in the vocabulary of children from 3 to 10 years old.

Some of the words were selected from among the 2000 words that most often appear in CP reading books.

Rebus is an exciting game which involves guessing the meaning of a sucession of images through the sounds that they represente; they allow you to understand a word, a sentence or an expression. 300 rebus puzzles ! Play with French words, you will learn new words. (La langue de Molière).

le dictionnaire des rébus version anglaise


page example :

exemple de page anglaise


This book accompanies you in the games of Rébustory. An ideal companion that promotes reading, and helps children discover new words and enriches their vocabularies.


You receive the rebus dictionary as a doc e-book. In order to preserve our beautiful forests, we have designed this book as an ebook. However, you can print it on paper.

We thank you for your participation in the ecology of the Earth.

produit éco-responsable

Dimensions 0.4 × 21.5 × 20.4 cm