400 rebuses, 70 pages

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complete the REBUSTORY game, they are:

400 rebus
700 images
30 riddles
2 maxi rebus grids
70 pages
dimension # 22.50 x 21.30 cm

Rebus dictionary presents the most commonly used words in the vocabulary of children from 3 to 10 years old.

Some of the words were selected from the 2,000 words that appear most often in CP reading books.

version anglaise rebus


Example :

rebus dictionary example


Riddles: it’s up to you to find the solutions of the rebuses:

rebus riddles


Maxi-rebus grid: find as many rebuses as possible by combining the images. The Joker card replaces a syllable anywhere in a word.

maxi grid rebus


This book accompanies you in the games of Rébustory. An ideal companion that promotes reading, and helps children discover new englishs words and enriches their vocabularies.


Rebus dictionary for your holidays, a game for the whole family.

Thank you for your participation in the ecology of the Earth.

produit éco-responsable

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